Why we are fully behind the TAPPI report

When considering the largest consumer technology brands, such as Apple, Amazon and Samsung, there are a multitude of reasons for their success, but one key element that they all portray is their consideration for the user of their products.

Their offerings ooze with innovation, they are incredibly sophisticated, and have all contributed to giant leaps within their sectors. However, within reason, their products are self-intuitive, easy to adopt and take pride of place in their owner’s home.

For a long time in specialist housing this was not the case with most services and equipment stigmatising the user, as a result, it was often hidden in a draw or behind a curtain.

As housing providers look to advance their offerings, differentiate, and deliver exceptional service, the desire must be to commission services that make a real difference and are welcomed with open arms by customers.

Thankfully, with the development of greater use of digital technology within this arena, we have seen significant advancements. The sophistication of the technology being used from tablet devices supported by cloud infrastructures is just as sophisticated as those high-end consumer products. The consideration though for the end user and employees utilising this technology daily, needs to remain high on the agenda to see the success of technology in consumer markets.  

This is why we have shown our commitment to the Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (TAPPI) project. It stems from the original Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation (HAPPI) enquiry, that resulted in a series of reports which have built strong foundations for looking at technology usage and adoption.

By really considering the wider influences within specialist housing, from property design to the environment and customers to desired outcomes, technology can really be embedded into specialist housing to make monumental change to the living experience.

This is striking to us at Appello, as in some ways it mirrors our own organisation. We have developed the market leading digital telecare and Technology Enabled Care offerings, which are supporting thousands of vulnerable people in the UK. These systems are very sophisticated, and we can be guilty ourselves of talking about digital protocols a bit too much. However, we also operate the UK’s largest monitoring centre, supporting over 230,000 individuals, and delivering lifesaving services to hundreds daily. It is here we see first-hand the power of technology, how the technology is installed and integrated with great service is an enabler for better outcomes.

Integration in all forms is key, and we believe that TAPPI already has the fundamentals to ensure this is considered and introduced into any future guiding principles that will support housing providers in their successful adoption of technology moving forward.

Tim gave evidence to Housing LIN’s Technology for an Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (TAPPI) Inquiry. Register to attend the online TAPPI Inquiry report launch on Tuesday 26, October at 4pm.


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