Why we all need to tap into TAPPI

Alyson Scurfield
Alyson Scurfield
Chief Executive, TSA - The Voice of Technology Enabled Care

We talk about designing services around people and within communities to support their health and wellbeing, but after representing the technology enabled care (TEC) sector on the TAPPI Inquiry panel, I have never been so certain that housing is at the heart of this work and needs to be at the table and equal partners when designing those services.

It’s been fascinating as week by week the inquiry heard best practice from construction partners, technology suppliers through to the lived experienced; how technology is being embedded into service offers across the UK and making a real difference to people’s lives, allowing them to live independently, allowing them choice and control.

So much of TAPPI ambitions and values links in strongly with our work in TEC, the 10 foundations within Phase 1 of the Report. Phase 2 will be to create a workable and accessible Framework for Action that outlines how technology innovation can improve the lives of our ageing population and the barriers that prevent its adoption in housing.

We need to create a system where people and professionals use, trust and love technology so it becomes a key part of a preventative health and social care system. Local partners must reach the funding agreements that encourage housing, health and social care to better embrace more integrated technological approaches, by working alongside tech providers so people receive the right solution for them.

As a sector if we’re not sitting up, listening and rolling up our sleeves we are missing a prime opportunity to effect change across the entire social care system, our chance to bring to life true personalisation of services and proactive care.

I am delighted to be a part of the launch of the TAPPI Report Phase 1 and look forward to moving now into the development and implementation stage of the programme, so we can witness housing and technology as critical to the overall transformation of health and care services in the UK.

Alyson Scurfield is Chief Executive of the TEC Services Association.  She was an expert Panelist on the Housing LIN’s Inquiry, Technology for an Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (TAPPI). More about TAPPI and download the Inquiry report.


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