Rightsizing: It’s the quality, not the size, that matters

The issue of downsizing is inextricably linked with retirement living. However, I’d argue that although it’s an accurate description of what many of our owners and for that matter, many in the sector, experience, a more appropriate term would be ‘rightsizing’.

Making the decision to leave a larger property is not a simple one. For many people, it’s often been the family home and there are naturally complex emotions related to leaving such a property. But the benefits that can be reaped by moving to the right sized retirement property, as part of a retirement village, cannot be underestimated.

It’s about people freeing themselves from the burden of running a large property, from both a logistical and financial perspective. More and more people are realising that retirement doesn’t mean giving up the things you love or enjoy doing and why shouldn’t this be in beautiful surroundings. We are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, and as such the concept of ‘retirement’ is becoming increasingly outdated. People nearing retirement age now are more discerning, and rightly so – far from the view that once you reach your late 60s you slow down and take a step back. In reality, many want to do the complete opposite with the luxury of more time, taking up new hobbies and continuing to live a dynamic lifestyle well into their sixties and beyond. This is why we need to constantly redefine the standard for retirement living.

 At Audley we like to challenge people’s perceptions, opening their minds to a new type of retirement living. A change of pace in later life isn’t right for everyone and it is instead about finding somewhere that can adapt as people’s lifestyles do.

From state-of-the-art health clubs, pools, spas, and hairdressers to libraries, AA rosette restaurants, bars and bistros there is a huge range of facilities available at our Audley Villages. Owners can use the facilities to stay active and socialise, unwind or even hold business meetings. What’s important to us is that owners can maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle. The health clubs have trainers who work with owners on their day to day fitness and our restaurants provide incredible menus, with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. The restaurant and Audley Club are also available to those in the local area, which makes the village a vibrant community.

Audley also provides flexible care as and when owners need it. Audley Care (opens new window), Audley’s CQC regulated care provider, is available to all owners and to those in the surrounding areas. Property owners can maintain complete independence safe in knowledge that additional support, or care, is there as and when they need it to ensure they can maintain their lifestyle. Combined with the exercise and life style options on offer, many owners actively improve their health and wellbeing when they move into an Audley Village.

Rightsizing is not just about size, it’s about the right lifestyle. We want to enable our owners to live the lifestyle they wish, be that running their own business, learning new skills, travelling the world or simply spending more time with family and loved ones. This is true rightsizing.


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