Meet Hannah, Housing LIN’s new Research Officer!

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Hannah Wix
Research Officer, Housing LIN

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a Research Officer for Housing LIN!

I have recently graduated from University, where I studied an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts programme that covered a range of global issues as well as the disciplines of History, Sociology and Philosophy. During my course, I had opportunities to complete research for multiple companies, including an arts organisation and an AI cancer screening company. I completed my dissertation on the cultural causes of loneliness, in which I looked at how space can encourage or discourage sociality and connection. 

During my degree, I realised how important the space that we occupy is in terms of impact on our overall wellbeing as individuals and communities. Many of us will spend a large chunk of our lives in and around housing and so it is important that we are creating positive spaces to be in.  I’m interested in housing for older people and specialist housing as I believe there is room for significant development in this space. It should not be the case in the modern day that such a large proportion of the population live in conditions that contribute to poor health and social isolation. Better housing for older people and those with additional needs can pave the way and lead the sector into the creation of housing that is inspiring, inclusive, and supportive of happy and healthy communities for all. 

I am excited to work for the Housing LIN because it is clearly an organisation that seeks to positively impact the housing and care sectors, as well as connecting others in this space. I am looking forward to being part of the varied work that Housing LIN gets involved with, from on the ground research to encouraging policy change, and it is a great opportunity for me to see how the sector works across the board.

Find out more about Hannah's role and other Housing LIN team members here: 


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