Leadership and Design

Leadership is necessary within the design process as it is within the role and responsibilities of an architect. We are the lead, as well as the advisors, on design. Our skills and experience mean we understand how to create spaces that have a certain feel or fit a particular purpose. A client hires an architect not exclusively to draw what they tell them, but for their professional advice on their requirements.

The design process involves many layers of regulations, requirements and considerations from multiple angles. The client’s requirements are central to the inception and creation of the design, leading to the construction of a building. An architect’s role is to balance these wider requirements with needs of the users, as well as the staff, maintenance and managers.

Whilst taking part in the Future Leaders Programme, I have had the opportunity to hear the voices of people outside of the usual design team. The perspectives have been insightful in demonstrating various priorities for different (yet specific) reasons. For example, having access to the thoughts and considerations of an occupational therapist and to a sheltered housing leader has added another perspective to my understanding of homes for older and less mobile residents.

Listening to as many voices as possible will improve my skills as an architect and designer. Understanding how to put these into practice and disseminate these through the design team will improve my skills as a leader. It is about taking on feedback to turn into positive actions and changes.

Good designs are the result of many people and good leadership is needed to make it a reality. As I grow in my career, I will remember these workshops – and keep my eyes and ears open.

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