Housing for all: a “Hub” for Better Living

The concept of the “Better Living Community Hub” has developed from 40+ years of lived experience of the difficulties that face both adults with learning disabilities and older adults. 

We believe that our goal of drawing our most vulnerable people back into the heart of their communities would be achieved through the creation of a completely unique home within a “housing-with-care” setting. With two “wings” - one for each vulnerable group, and both linked to a central “Hub”, residents would have the choice of what to do and when – choices currently unavailable to them.   

The “Hub” would also be available to the community at large, enabling chance social encounters with a wide diversity of people - who would be attracted by the numerous types of leisure facilities it accommodated. For example, a cafeteria; indoor and outdoor leisure activities; sensory environments; toy & leisure lending library; other voluntary groups; petting animals; gardening for residents; free sessions of complementary health treatments etc.

We firmly believe that “People need People” to enhance their quality of life and well-being, and Community is the best medicine, especially when diverse and intergenerational. Considerable help and support can come via local Volunteer Bureaux and businesses, but also many schools and colleges have community service programmes and welcome requests.

Whilst it is widely understood that the elderly experience social isolation; loneliness, and the ensuing depression and anxiety, many forget that these problems are equally experienced by adults with severe learning disabilities, probably because many cannot communicate well. Their families, however, will immediately recognise those “new behavioural problems” as their loved one’s way of saying “I’m unhappy! Help me!”

The ”Hub” will provide opportunities for chance, diverse and intergenerational social encounters, which are rarely available at present. 

We must work together – to help each other to learn to smile again - and be happier and healthier because of it!

Our Objective is: to provide relief to those in need by reason of age or disability by developing an innovative way of providing care for adults with learning disabilities and the elderly, through:

  • improving the quality of their care, while reducing the cost
  • avoiding their institutionalisation and greatly enhancing their quality of life
  • engaging the community and creating volunteering opportunities
  • validating this Care Model and demonstrating scalability

For more about Better Living CIO visit their website here (opens new window)

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