Getting TeleHealthCare Aware

Aaron Dohnt
Aaron Dohnt
Research and Innovation Officer, Centra

Telecare is one of the core activities performed by Centra. We do some marvellous things with Centras' Telecare offer - now is a great time to get involved and ask questions about how we can help you or someone you know, live more independently and happily.

Housing providers and their older residents are no strangers to using technology to enable more independent living. Personal alarms, fall detectors and pull cords have been around for more than 30 years. But, while the challenges facing the sector are evolving and technology has moved on considerably, the services on offer haven’t always kept apace. At Centra Pulse – we offer a lifesaving service.

Gloria’s life was literally held in the balance when she pressed her pendant - a simple action that saved her life.

Gloria lives with a rare condition that can trigger a stroke at anytime. At home alone she felt a stroke coming on and immediately pressed her alarm but already found she could not speak.

Fortunately, our operators are fully trained and equipped with the latest in Telecare technology and equipment. We are able to instantly identify who is calling and hold every client’s full medical details along with clear instructions of what to do in an emergency. It meant that when her call came through our Lifeline operator instantly recognised that she was unable to speak properly and was probably suffering from the onset of a stroke.

The operator reacted immediately contacting the emergency services and asked them to arrive with the vital life saving equipment and oxygen needed to save her.

Gloria, who has recovered well, said:

The alarm saved my life. If the ambulance hadn't got here quickly I would have died or suffered serious brain damage.”

Looking ahead, look to the fast growing adoption of digital enabled care in the housing sector and the Internet of Things (IoT) and you start to see the huge potential of technology as a way to provide proactive care, increase engagement with the wider community and enable access to the advantages of a fully digital home from paying bills to ordering shopping. Video is the obvious addition, and is already helping to tackle social isolation issues and promote interactivity between older people, friends, family, neighbours and carers.

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