Creating a great day at work

Chris Smith Headshot
Chris Smith
Executive Director of Service Delivery and Development, Thirteen

Thirteen’s mission is to provide homes, support and opportunities to grow for our customers.

To support our colleagues to deliver this mission, we want them to have a great day at work every day and be proud of Thirteen.

We know that happy employees = happy customers and this leads to a successful business so at Thirteen we’re uncompromising in our ambition to create great days at work for all our employees.

Ultimately a happy and engaged workforce is more productive with a psychological commitment to meaningful outcomes.

“A happy and engaged workforce is more productive with a psychological commitment to meaningful outcomes.We have spent time asking our people what will bring out the best of them at work and how they want to feel at Thirteen that will make their day a great one. They told us they want to feel proud, valued, energised, challenged, in control, connected and informed.  These have been translated into a delivery plan which has included: 

  • Creating a fully agile working environment that allows more choice in how people deliver
  • Promoting our health and wellbeing aspirations even further. Physical, mental and financial wellbeing are key and we have also introduced a coaching culture that supports collaboration and responsibility
  • True manager accountability for helping create a great day at work by giving them the business intelligence, training, support and responsibility
  • The introduction of a meaningful talent management and succession planning framework that links into performance management, reward and recognition, talent acquisition and workforce planning
  • An online reward and recognition platform, learning management system and other digital solutions, making the internal customer experience easier
  • Staff awards recognising great behaviours and service delivery
  • A continued progression towards IIP Gold.

We have more planned to help colleagues bring the best of themselves to work which will in turn have a much more positive impact on our business.

With talent management a business priority, we are grateful to Thirteen for sponsoring our Future Leaders programme.


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