Creating a Safe and Easily Maintained Garden for Older People

Dimo Koev
President, Professional Gardening Services

Gardening is Beneficial for Older People

Gardening is one of the hobbies that can be relished by everyone no matter the age.

Whether you live in a retirement community or in your home, access to a garden encourages physical activity and exercise so you can stay mobile and flexible. Those frequent physical movements help prevent diseases like osteoporosis. Moreover, gardening also reduces stress and tension. Finally, it is a great way to grow organic home-grown food that is a healthier option for everyone’s diet. Nonetheless, gardening can be a demanding and tiresome job. That’s why we prepared some tips to follow in order to create a safe environment for gardening.Gardening is one of the hobbies that can be relished by everyone no matter the age

Adjust the Features of your Garden


Build pathways with a firm, level surfaces. They are easier to move on, especially if you are with a cane or wheelchair.

Raised Beds

Bending and kneeling of your garden can be troublesome for everyone. Raise the beds of your yard to avoid those physical activities that can pose a significant fall risk. This way planting, digging and weeding will be much easier.

Vertical Gardening

Space can be limited, especially if you live in a flat or in a dense urban area, where plants that grow in window boxes, on poles and trellises are easier to be taken care of. You can grow tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and beans and any flowers by putting them on a vertical space. This will also reduce the walking space you need to cover when tending for your garden or watering. Moreover, it will avoid bending and kneeling just like the raised beds.

Longer Tools

Use tools whose handlers are long in order to avoid stooping. Also, rely on light and ergonomic equipment; for example, tools with good grips.


You should seriously consider having a fence over growing a hedge around your yard. Hedges grow fast and require a lot of maintenance – from watering to trimming. While fencing can be in any size, color and form. Moreover, you can create your vertical garden on it and save space.

Growing Plants and Veggies in your Garden

There are plenty of plants and vegetables that are easily grown and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

In terms of flowers, you can consider peace lily and aloe vera. Peace lily thrives in a warm and humid environment, but doesn’t like direct sunlight. The only maintenance it requires is to keep its soil moisture most of the time. The aloe vera is a succulent which does not require any gardening experience or much maintenance. It only needs sunny weather and dry soil. It is also well-known for its healing properties. Other popular plants that you will see in every garden are petunias, geraniums, hostas and mint.

Surprisingly, there are also a lot of easily grown vegetables that you can have in your garden, regardless of experience or age. Those are tomatoes, carrots, green beans, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers and basil. Those mainly just need sun and water.

Safety Measures in your Garden

It’s also important to follow some safety measures while you’re in the garden. Always carry your mobile phone in case of an unexpected injury. If the weather is hot and sunny, spend time I the garden before 10 am and/or after 4 pm. Still, always wear sun protection, hat, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts, and pants in order to avoid getting sunburnt or protect yourself from pests. Make sure you have plenty of places with shade where you can rest in any given time that you feel drained from the sun. Furthermore, drink lots of water and juice to have energy for the gardening activities. Finally, remember to hydrate you and not just the plants!


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