Building resilient intergenerational communities

Written by Professor Norma Raynes, Executive Director, from Generation to Generation

Established in 2014, from Generation to Generation is a charity that creates innovative local solutions to the problems facing young and old people by bringing them together to learn, support and inspire each other. Our mission is:

"to bring older and younger people together; to have fun, raise their aspirations and learn from each other, sharing the untapped range of skills and knowledge retired people have to offer."

Our charity believes that older people have a lot to offer children and young people and coming together to support and inspire each other they no longer need to be a drain on resources nor compete for ever decreasing money to help reduce loneliness and isolation, low levels of aspiration and performance at school.

By developing partnerships across the ages - where younger and older people share time together, have fun, learn and value each other - we quickly see how local communities can benefit from coming together. For example, working closely with primary and secondary schools in London and Manchester, our 'Intergen' programme has:

  • helped to reduce the problems of under-performance of pupils in schools
  • addressed the low aspirations of pupils and older people
  • tackled loneliness of older people
  • challenged hostile intergenerational stereotypes
  • created part time flexible jobs or volunteering opportunities for older people
  • provided a platform for collaborate in and outside school eg visiting museums and allotments

For overseas students, we offer a supportive service for universities using older citizens living near the universities to welcome, befriend and mentor students at our universities. This could also lead to homesharing opportunities in return for support in and around the home.

We know many housing associations are happy to assist their tenants engage with the local community and we would be happy to work together with colleagues to further test out our ideas and bring innovative local solutions to local problems for older and younger people.

Supported by the Housing LIN, we would love to hear from you and establish a partnership. Have a look at our website: and get in touch!

Published on Thursday, 16 June 2016 by the Housing LIN


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