Becoming a leader and daring to dream

As we near the end of the Housing LIN’s Future Leaders Programme, I have been reflecting on what I have learnt from my time on the programme, looking at my own views on what leadership is and how these views have changed.

When I was first made aware of the Future Leaders Programme, I hesitated before applying as I struggled to see myself in a leadership role. Having previously worked in law enforcement I thought that leaders needed to be overly authoritative and direct. However, since moving into housing I have been encouraged to find opportunities to develop and the FLP has provided me with valuable learning experiences which have led me to challenge my own preconceived views on leadership and the qualities needed to be an effective leader.

The programme has given me the opportunity to hear from industry leaders who have been very open and candid about their own journeys, the problems they have faced and the experiences that have shaped their careers. I have been guilty in the past of believing that leaders appear fully formed with all the skills and knowledge already in place without considering what they have achieved and how they have had to develop themselves. It has been inspiring to learn from their experiences and discover what they have highlighted as being instrumental in their career progression.

On reflection, there are many things I will take from my time on the FLP that I will endeavour to incorporate into my work moving forwards. I have learnt that it’s important to accept that things will go wrong, and mistakes will happen. Instead of seeing these as failures, I will try to look for ways to learn from them. I have seen how it is advantageous to step out of your comfort zone and that the feeling of unease can be scary but by embracing new challenges, this can be used as a catalyst to further develop myself. I know that there are many things that I am yet to learn but by finding others from whom I can learn, I will be able to increase my knowledge and obtain advice from those with more experience.

The advice that I found particularly meaningful was that of Roy Sandbach, where he explained how he encourages those he leads to ‘dare to dream’ and seek ways to achieve their goals. I will be looking for how I can apply this so that rather than restricting myself by implementing my own self-imposed limits on what I am capable of achieving, I will strive to discover ways I can develop and progress with confidence rather than doubt. I have really enjoyed being a part of the FLP and am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this year’s cohort.

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