Working with councils on the largest and fastest roll-out of care technology to keep people connected during COVID-19

Cover_Rethink working with councils on roll out of care tech

This report places the spotlight on the joint project between RETHINK Partners; Essex, Kent and Suffolk councils; and Alcove to improve digital connectivity for older people, adults with learning disabilities, people living with a mental health condition and carers.

The project involved giving out 5,000 video Carephones to these groups - the report sheds light on the project in its achievements though quantitative outcomes and qualitative accounts of how the work has made a difference to people's lives.  Among key achievements were 350,000 minutes of voice and video calls were made with the Carephones, 750 health and care professionals were individually trained with the technology and 185 referrals were made per week across the three councils. Overall the project was found to make a significant difference to those most prone to loneliness and isolation during the pandemic period.