What makes great places for people?

Cover Place design guide

This new design guide sets the scene for a new future for communities. Created by Places for People Group, alongside global engineering and design consultancy Arup, it champions ideas for the way we will live, work and play in our neighbourhoods in a post-Covid world.

The result is a design approach based on six key place-making principles which address how we should shape new neighbourhoods. They are:

  1. Local, and embedded in context
  2. Putting people first
  3. Welcoming, convenient and suited for everyone
  4. Good for people and the planet
  5. Forward looking and resilient
  6. Continually evolving

It also highlights emerging societal trends and acknowledges that we will need to design age-friendly physical environments as well as our social networks to respond to this change in demographic mix, while recognising that older people’s needs are varied and diverse with many continuing to be independent, active and in employment, and others needing more care and support.