What are the Benefits of Telecare? Ultimate Guide to Telecare

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We're pleased to collaborate with Appello to bring you this Ultimate Guide to Telecare, an introduction to the fundamentals of telecare, with information on how housing providers can maximise their care and support offer so people can enjoy a greater quality of life.

In the final part of our Ultimate Guide to Telecare, we look at these areas in more detail, covering:

  • The advantages of digital telecare
  • How telecare enhances the safety and wellbeing of older people
  • The positive impact of telecare on health services
  • How telecare is beneficial for supported housing providers
  • Realising the benefits of telecare

The guide is aimed at housing providers and other organisations who want to make the most of their telecare services to enrich the lives of the people they support, whether in mainstream housing or in purpose-build housing for older people.