Unlocking Potential for Seniors Housing Development: Meeting the need for an ageing population

Unlocking Potential For Seniors Housing Meeting The Needs Of An Ageing Society Cover

Irwin Mitchell worked with property experts Knight Frank to look at seniors’ housing planning and the progress local authorities are making to provide suitable housing for our ageing population.

Published in this report, some of their key findings include:

  • Over a third (36%) of local authorities don’t currently have clear policies in place to support housing for seniors
  • The percentage of local authorities who’ve adopted seniors’ housing planning policies has improved, increasing from 9.7% in 2017 to 23.3%
  • The percentage of local authorities with no clear policies to address seniors housing has also reduced – from 62% to 36.2%

Central government is now supporting the senior housing sector, recently announcing a new cross-departmental task force on housing for older people.

While this shows an improvement over the past five years, Irwin Mitchell argues that there’s still a lot more that needs to be done.

Currently it still stands that less than a quarter of local authorities have clear senior housing policies in place. This means we won’t be prepared to provide enough suitable housing for our ageing population in the coming years.