Understanding the impact of almshouse charities in the pandemic

Understanding the impact of almshouse charities in the pandemic cover

This report, The Almshouse Association, was commissioned to better understand how almshouse trustees navigated the challenge and as the dust settles, to learn whatever lessons can be learned to help improve the resilience of our member charities.

This independent study, undertaken by The Smith Institute, seeks to understand:

  • the impact of the pandemic on almshouse charities and their residents;
  • examine the difference almshouse charities have made;
  • identify the lessons that can be drawn from the past two years;
  • and highlight challenges the sector faces going forward.

The report was informed by desk research (including drawing on Housing LIN resources), a roundtable discussion hosted by The Almshouse Association and non-attributable telephone/on-line interviews with a variety of almshouse charities and other housing organisations.

If you found this of interest, access the St Monica Trust/Housing LIN RE-COV report below. Funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust this researched the impact of covid on the retirement housing and extra care housing sectors in the 1st lock down.