The experience of people approaching later life in lockdown


This research carried out by Ipsos MORI and the Centre for Ageing Better shines a light on the impact lockdown has had on those aged 50-70, revealing dramatic changes to people’s lives and plans for the future. The wide-ranging report includes a section on home and community and highlights on housing, especially in relation to the impact on renters, and the growing use of digital technology.

For example, it covers how more people have stayed at home during lockdown, that poor housing conditions exposed and rent have been exacerbated, there has been no or little housing mobility, technology inclusion and exclusion has been prevalent, seen greater opportunities for community building and volunteering to maintain social contact or help others.

The report also reveals contrasting experiences of people in this age cohort with many having seen their health deteriorate with more unhealthy behaviours, over half have had medical or dental appointments cancelled, and there was concern over financial security - with more than two in five fearing their finances will worsen in the year to come. But it also shows some positive changes, with many appreciating the time spent with family, helping their communities, a better work-life balance and time to reflect on their careers and future. It concludes that action is needed now to capitalise on the ‘window of opportunity’ for this age group to sustain positive changes and prevent long-term negative consequences.