The community opportunity: Lessons for adult social care from the Keep it Local campaign

The community opportunity cover

Published by Locality, this paper showcases the vital and unique role that community-led care can play in tackling the adult social care crisis.  

The paper evidences the value of community-led care and why government should give community-based organisations a prominent role in their plan to tackle the crisis.

This research, The Community Opportunity, shows that community organisations providing adult social care:

  • Provide more personalised, dignified care: they recognise the needs and harness the strengths of the people they care for and make this the basis of their approach. Avoiding dehumanising practices such as time and task.
  • Relieve pressure on the NHS and over-stretched public services: High-quality care allows for early intervention and prevention work, reducing the burden on the NHS and often keeping people in their homes and communities longer.
  • Strengthen the local economy by employing and retaining local care staff.

Across the country there are examples of local community organisations who are providing life-changing social care. The paper highlights the work of some incredible Locality members who work to provide care which meets the needs of those drawing on it.