The Unhealthy State of Homelessness: health audit results 2014

Research published Homeless Link shows that the proportion of homeless people in England reporting some form of physical and mental health problem is at least double that of the general population, and many are not getting the right help. Using data from more than 2,500 homeless people, 'The Unhealthy State of Homelessness' reveals that over 7 in 10 homeless people suffer from one or more physical health problem, and an even higher proportion report having a mental health issue.

The high health needs of homeless people has a major cost impact on the NHS, as they are heavy users of acute and primary care services. Research indicates that homeless people are four times more likely to seek help from acute NHS services, for example A&E, than the general population, a situation which the Government estimates to cost around £85m per year. The report calls for sustained action to improve the way we tackle homelessness and poor health. Amongst a number of recommendations, Homeless Link is calling for anyone who becomes homeless to be offered a full health check by the NHS and for health and homelessness services to work together in providing care.