The Planning White Paper and affordable housing: The views of social landlords


Further to the Affordable Housing Commission’s report  (opens new window)published in June this year, its’ latest survey of what survey of stock owning councils and housing associations social landlords think about the Planning White Paper shows that:

  • 72% disagree with the government’s claim that the planning reforms will help build the homes the country needs
  • 85% think the reforms will lead to fewer social rented homes
  • 83% expect the proposed Infrastructure Levy would deliver less on-site affordable housing than the current system
  • 74% said this is not the right time to be introducing major planning reforms

Lord Best, chair of the Commission, said: “While the intentions of the government’s planning reforms – to achieve more speedy development and better quality housing – are commendable; social landlords fear the reforms could reduce the total output of homes for those on lower incomes. This would be a set-back for the Commission’s aims for a housing-led recovery post-Covid with an emphasis on more affordable homes to rent.”