The Essentials of Telecare Equipment: Ultimate Guide to Telecare

Appello Housing LIN Telecare guide image 3

We're pleased to collaborate with Appello to bring you this Ultimate Guide to Telecare, an introduction to the fundamentals of telecare, with information on how housing providers can maximise their care and support offer so people can enjoy a greater quality of life.

In the third part of our Ultimate Guide to Telecare, we look at the essentials of telecare equipment and how this can be used to deliver effective and flexible telecare services. This covers:

  • What is telecare equipment?
  • The different telecare devices on the market and how these can be used
  • How telecare equipment can promote safety and independence
  • Key considerations when choosing telecare equipment

While the guide is aimed at housing providers and other organisations who deliver telecare services, you’ll also find this useful if you’re looking at telecare for yourself or a family member (opens new window) as this explains the important information in plain English.