The Bigger Picture: Understanding disability and care in England's older population

New research from Independent Age and the Strategic Society Centre (opens new window) reveals that over 2 million pensioners struggle with the most basic day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, 70,000 of the most disabled pensioners do not get any form of paid or unpaid care at home. The Bigger Picture aims to paint a picture of the lives of older people providing unpaid care or experiencing day-to-day difficulties, such as washing and getting dressed. It provides new insights into disability and who provides and who receives care at a national, regional and local level.

On the housing front, it highlights significant variations of housing wealth and equity. For example, 52.9% of people across England had household financial wealth below £17,000, 9.1% had financial wealth between £17,001 and £27,000, and 38.0% had financial wealth above £27,000.