TAPPI Phase 2 - Introducing Bield Housing & Care

Bield Housing and Care Logo

Bield Housing & Care are one of the largest providers of housing and support services for older people with over 5,000 customers across 23 local authority areas in Scotland. We are a not-for-profit organisation, a Scottish charity and a Registered Social Landlord. Our vision is a Scotland where people of all ages are respected, can make their own choices and are able to lead independent, fulfilling lives.

Why do you want to be a part of TAPPI?

Bield Housing & Care predominantly provides tenancies for older people in Scotland. We offer varying levels of support within a framework of independent living.  We have been working to progress proactive and preventative services and TAPPI offers an exciting opportunity to enhance knowledge, quality and outcomes not just for our tenants, but for others across Scotland.  Housing has an incredibly important role to play in transforming how we work across sectors to enhance outcomes for the communities we serve.

What impact do you hope to have?

Through co-production, we hope that our three-phased test will improve digital literacy and engagement with older people, develop a framework to further enhance digital engagement and usage amongst our client and staff groups and, importantly, help us to keep more people living independently for longer using technology.  A key strand is using this opportunity to connect the dots between health, local authorities and housing to improve outcomes for people.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 12 - 15 months, as one of the six TAPPI2 locality testbeds?

As the test site in Scotland, we are most excited about being on this journey of discovery.  This offers such potential to really make a difference to how we can deliver a new housing model that is co-produced by end users and helps to inform the wider agenda of integration of health, care and prevention.

Dr Lynne Douglas, Chief Executive, Bield Housing & Care