Supported housing in England: Estimating need and costs to 2040

Supported housing in England: Estimating need 2040 COVER

Commissioned by the National Housing Federation (NHF) this report presents analysis on the need for supported housing, including housing for older people, in England to 2040 and the cost of meeting this need in terms of development, rent, service charges and support.

It reveals a deficit in the supply of supported housing for everyone who needs one by 2040. The key facts the report reveals include:

  • Projecting a need for 167,329 more homes by 2040. This is a 33% increase, from 509,873 in 2023 to 677,202 in 2040. 
  • Most supported housing will be needed by older people. 
  • Around a quarter of homes will need to be tailored for working aged adults and the remaining 75-77% for older people. 
  • There will be a need for 20-22% of homes to be short-term and help people in crisis, and 78-80% of homes to be long-term and provide a secure home for those who need it, including all homes for older people.

The report's conclusions and recommendations include long-term plans to ensure local authorities and Integrated Care Boards are able to plan, fund and commission supported housing, including housing for older people, to meet local need. It argues for the need for improved and routine data collection from DLUHC and the DHSC to inform decisions and that the government must ensure there is a long-term, integrated plan for supported housing at a national level, making every decision about care a decision about housing.