Stronger Together: A Co-production Toolkit from Ageing Better

Stronger Together A Co-Production Toolkit for Ageing Better Cover

Ageing Better have launched the Stronger Together toolkit co-created by the 14 national Ageing Better programmes across England as a one stop, user friendly space where collective experiences are shared.

The toolkit brings to life the work of Ageing Better programme in a way that can be accessed by anyone wanting to work with people in their communities, whether at a strategic, operational or grassroots level.

The toolkit is organised into 12 distinct co-production themes:

  • Creating a co-production culture
  • Community development through micro-funding
  • Tackling ageism through co-production & age friendly communities
  • Co-production within coastal & rural communities
  • Tackling loneliness through co-commissioning
  • Empowering communities through partnership working
  • Co-researching within the community
  • Growing sustainable groups
  • Diversity& inclusion
  • Creativity in co-production
  • Asset based community development
  • Co-production in a crisis

This toolkit is for anyone looking to use a co-production approach to involve people in the design of services, projects or activities that impact them and their communities.