Specialised Supported Housing: guidance for local government and NHS commissioners


This guidance, produced by the Housing LIN for the Local Government Association, supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement, is intended to assist commissioners to take evidence-based decisions about Specialised Supported Housing (SSH), particularly lease-based SSH, to help protect and promote the best interests of people with a learning disability and autistic people, and other people with support needs.

This guidance for commissioners covers:

  • how best to ensure that SSH, including the current lease-based model of SSH, works well for the people living in such supported housing
  • considerations about the sustainability of existing lease-based SSH schemes
  • considerations about entering into new lease-based and other SSH arrangements.

It has been produced by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) based on extensive discussions with a wide range of sector stakeholders and it is intended to assist commissioners to take informed decisions about SSH, particularly lease-based SSH, in the context of the Regulator of Social Housing’s regulatory judgements and notices about a relatively small number of registered providers operating this lease-based model of SSH.