Seniors Housing Annual Review - 2021

Seniors Housing Annual Review 2021 cover

Knight Frank's market leading research examines the fundamentals of the private Senior Living market from the strong demographic landscape to sales and rental performance of the largest private operators.

This report shares the findings of Knight Franks third annual Seniors Housing Operator Survey, based on data shared with them by leading operators. The results highlight the diverse sources of income – across different departments and timescales – with deferred management fees, rent, management and service charges, ground rents, care and wellness, and food and beverage all contributing.

Operating costs, meanwhile, are dominated by staffing as operators, like in other sectors, are focusing on staff training and retention as a way of managing costs.

In addition, they have analysed more than 20,000 seniors housing unit sales across the private sector to give a view on pricing and price changes over time.

The data in this year’s Review suggests that, while the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the sector, recovery has been swift.