Regenerating Affordable and Enabling Housing for All Ages— at Scale

Regenerating Affordable and Enabling Housing for All Ages - at Scale cover

This case study, published by AARP, (opens new window) showcases Clarion Housing Group’s age-friendly strategy to over come the needs and challenges associated with population ageing and changing preferences, and which commits to three key principles:

  • Using design and building schemes that enable residents to live longer, healthier, happier lives;
  • ensuring residents have the right home at the right time;
  • and empowering residents to shape their lives and communities, no matter what their age.

They are committed to this all-ages approach, which Clarion Housing Group refers to as intergenerational living but residents know in much simpler: being able to live with their friends, relatives, and neighbours in their community.

The case study refers to Clarion’s adaptability and customisation process through face-to-face interaction directly with residents during the planning phase, ascertaining every individual household’s needs, aspirations and concerns. AARP also provides examples on how Clarion Housing Group is heavily invested in maintaining and supporting community in every project. 

If you found this of interest, please see HAPPI Hour – A roadmap to housing for an ageing population and hear from David Orr on Clarion’s Age Friendly approach.