Raising accessibility standards for new homes: Govt support for raising accessibility for new homes

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The government have published their long-awaited response to the consultation on raising accessibility standards for new homes. 

The 2020 consultation sought views on how to raise accessibility of new homes and put a number of options forward in relation to improving Part M of the Building Regulations. As a member of the HoME Coalition (opens new window) - calling for stronger rules on accessibility -the Housing LIN supported proposals for Part M4(2) as the minimum accessibility standard as is delighted by the outcome of the consultation and the government’s proposals to adopt Part M4(2) as a minimum standard.

In summary, the Department for Levelling Up, Homes and Communities have today stated: 

“the most appropriate way forward is to mandate the current M4(2) (Category 2: Accessible and adaptable dwellings) requirement in Building Regulations as a minimum standard for all new homes…. Subject to a further consultation on the draft technical details, we will implement this change in due course with a change to building regulations.”

Furthermore, it stated:

”M4(3) (Category 3: Wheelchair user dwellings) would continue as now where there is a local planning policy in place in which a need has been identified and evidenced. Local authorities will need to continue to tailor the supply of wheelchair user dwellings to local demand.”

The Housing LIN’s CEO, Jeremy Porteus, commented:

“This is tremendous news for the future provision of accessible and adaptable homes. It’s not about levelling up or levelling down, but an important move to create a level playing field where our home don’t disadvantage or discriminate against older people or people with disabilities."

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