RIBA research reveals demand for UK home transformations

Research commissioned by the Royal Institute of British Architects reveals a significant impact of the coronavirus pandemic on how people want to live and work at home.

The RIBA’s research exclusively reveals that the majority of homeowners (70% of survey respondents) believe the design of their home has affected their mental wellbeing during the pandemic. Spending more time in their home has made people more stressed (11%), anxious (10%) and depressed (10%); they’ve found it harder to relax (9%) and it’s negatively impacted their productivity (6%).

The findings also highlight that 23% believe a better-designed home will increase their happiness; they'd be able to relax more (31%) and sleep better (17%). Insights also revealed that with working from home now the ‘new normal’ for many, 15% want to improve the design of their home to help them be more productive. And with families spending more time together at home, more than one in 10 (11%) believe making changes to the design of their home would help them to live more harmoniously with others in the house.

Of particular interest, 8 out of 10 respondents (79%) identified one or more of the changes that they’d now like to make to the design of their home after lockdown (click on the link below to read the summary).

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