Promoting Inclusive living via Technology Enabled support: The INVITE Project

Promoting Inclusive living via Technology Enabled support The INVITE Project cover

The INVITE project is a partnership between researchers from the University of Stirling and Stonewater, a social housing provider in England, and funded by the Longleigh Foundation.

The project investigates the ways in which assistive technologies can be used to improve health, wellbeing, activity, and community participation in older adults.

The focus of this study was driven by increasing interest within health and social care policy in assistive living technologies as tools to enable older people to retain independence within their own homes.

This report has found that technology can play a key role in promoting positive outcomes in people’s lives, but effective implementation requires focus, investment and ongoing support as people’s needs and technology change. It is the role of the sector to implement the findings of this research for the betterment of older and sometimes vulnerable people living in our homes.

The recommendations of the report put forward a clear case for more focus and investment in the role of housing in facilitating, introducing and supporting ongoing technology intervention that can improve people’s lives.