Planning for continuing care retirement communities: issues and good practice

A guide to planning community care retirement communities.

This comprehensive manual provides information and advice on the main planning and development issues which arise.

Published in association with the Planning Officers Society and based on UK experience to date, this guide focuses on three key areas:

  • development issues, including demographic and market research, scheme type, consultation and tenure policy;
  • planning policy issues, including a review of local, regional and national policies and best practice;
  • planning application and development control issues, including a review of the way in which various planning issues, such as the Use Class classification (C2 or C3?), design and sustainability, should be approached and balanced.

The guide reviews three operational UK schemes, and includes in a supporting CD extracts from various technical documents, including development plan policies, committee reports, Counsel's opinion on the C2/C3 issue and key Secretary of State determinations.