Our shared future: A TCPA White Paper for Homes and Communities

Our shared future COVER

This white paper from the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) sets out the practical steps the government must take to unlock housing delivery. It complements their ongoing work on strategic housing delivery at all scales, providing the detail on how to make a national strategic approach to housing delivery possible and the creation of high quality and climate resilient new settlements. Underpinning this is a practical framework for a hopeful and sustainable future. Drawing on the Garden City Principles (opens new window), they are calling for zero carbon, affordable and healthy homes.

While there is no specific reference to ageing, the paper makes the case that well-planned new communities provide an opportunity to create high-quality sustainable places, allowing for the highest sustainability standards, economies of scale, and better use of infrastructure, and that a holistic approach to creating new communities provides an opportunity to consider how homes and neighbourhoods can be made attractive places in which to live and work, in environments which are socially inclusive, resilient to climate change and zero carbon.

Furthermore, they point out high-quality design adds value to property and, by delivering features such as walkability and access to nature, it can help improve residents’ health and wellbeing, thus helping to reduce pressure on the health and social care systems.