No place for older renters: How the geography of older private and social renters has changed

No place for older renters COVER

This report from Independent Age brings together analysis to better understand the situation of older renters, finding that the distribution of older social and private renters is not equal across England, and suggests that the housing crisis is leading to a greater concentration of older renters in areas of deprivation.

Indendent Age analysed local census data from 2011 and 2021 to understand the changes in social and private renters across England, with this report finding that older private renters are concentrated in deprived parts of London and coastal areas. It also appears that localities with existing older private renters are also among the fastest growing areas for older private renters, which suggests that this concentration may be increasing.

Detailing the data of 262 English lower-tier local authorities, the report outlines changes in the national and local picture in England and its conclusions are followed by key recommendations for government on legislation, Local Housing Allowance and the transfer of powers to local authorities.