Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward Review

This paper updates the landmark 2014 NHS England report and seeks to accelerate the drive to improve efficiency and use of technology in order to deliver better care and meet rising demand on health resources.

A key thrust is to cut emergency admissions and time spent in hospitals by improving care and support at home. It spells out what has been achieved and the changes which will take place across the health service. In relation to housing and assistive technology, the key areas of interest are:

  • investing in crisis response and home treatment teams to offer rehabilitation and other primary and community services provided to people closer to home
  • reduce the inappropriate hospitalisation of people with learning disabilities by ensuring better community alternatives are provided across England
  • maintain focus on diagnosis and post-diagnostic support for people with dementia and their carers by keeping in their own homes, preventing crises and avoiding unnecessary admission to hospital.
  • dispose of £2bn of surplus assets over the Spending Review period, so as to create headroom for investment and to free land sufficient for 26,000 homes, and
  • levering the potential of technology and innovation to support NHS priorities, including improving patient outcomes and reducing health costs.