NHS People Plan 2020-21: Action for us all

The DHSC has published the NHS People Plan, which explains what NHS staff can expect from their leaders and from each other. This plan sets out actions to support transformation across the whole NHS. It largely focuses on staffing and how to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging, as well as action to grow a workforce, train people, and work together differently within the NHS, as well as social care, to deliver patient care.

While, there is no specific mention of working with or alongside housing, the plan refers to delivering care and support outside hospital, such as for people in residential care, and the clinical support available and how technology can help. For example, virtual check-ins and online consultations, digital learning and networks to support knowledge sharing and training.

And to support technology-enabled learning, it includes a new £10 million fund for clinical placements for nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professionals to support employers in educating and training the next generation of professionals.