My Home Matters

MHM Booklet cover

Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful experiences that we have to face, so it makes sense to try to do some preparation for this whilst we can. This is what My Home Matters (MHM) is about.

This booklet, created by together in dementia everyday (tide), is for you to fill out in your own way with your own thoughts. It has been designed so that you can interpret the chapters or headings as you wish. Guidance accompanies each page with explanatory notes and suggestions to help you have ideas.

This is your MHM. It belongs to you. It contains your memories, your wishes and hopes. 

This workbook is for older people who:

  • May be facing a potential move away from home
  • Are finding that their needs have changed and the current home is not so suitable any more
  • Have relatives or friends who are suggesting that ‘it’s time for a move’
  • Want to think about what is important to them
  • Are thinking about housing options
  • Have someone who is helping them think about the future