Meeting expectations with digital care. White Paper: Why housing providers are planning for a digital future

Cover Appello White Paper

This White Paper, supported by the Housing LIN, reveals that there is growing awareness of the 2025 digital switchover driving transformation but many still 'not ready' despite risks associated with analogue telecare solutions.

While the majority (93%) of housing providers believe that digital will be 'critical for future success', many (44%) are not yet ready for transformation, according to a major new industry whitepaper.

According to the research carried out, 86% of housing providers acknowledge the 2025 analogue to digital switchover, which signals a growing industry awareness is driving transformation (the number of housing providers planning for digital has increased from 28% in 2016 to 40% in 2018), yet the sector still shows some resistance.

The report signals why this might be the case, with almost 12% stating that their current telecare provider is unable to monitor digital, highlighting a gap in the market for end-to-end digital solutions providers. Further to this 9% of housing providers still have no digital plan in place; 7% are not aware of digital solutions; and almost 7% do not see digital as part of their current strategy.