MHA Dementia Strategy Achievements and next steps 2023 - 2026

MHA Dementia Strategy cover

The strategy sets out 6 commitments, each with a range of key ‘next steps’ ranging from person-centred and connected care to environmental considerations to support people living with dementia, their families & MHA colleagues.

The overarching commitments are:

  • We will support you to engage with your local community
  • We will ensure that our staff and volunteers have the necessary attributes, attitudes, and knowledge to support you
  • We will work in partnership with your family and friends
  • We will work to recognise your behaviour as a form of communication and take time to respond in a supportive way
  • We will ensure that you live in or visit an environment that makes you feel at home, safe and supported

We will assist you to access spiritual support, meaningful music, and activities.