Local Area Co-ordination in Derby: Evaluation report 2018 - 2021

Cover Derby Local Area Coordination

The aim of this evaluation report, published by Derby City Council, was to reveal how Local Area Coordination (LAC) is a practical assets-based approaches that can helps to reform and support local health and social care systems, benefiting citizens, services and finances in Derby.

This report reveals that LAC work supports residents to feel:

  • less isolated and more connected to family & friends
  • more supported and better able to cope with family life
  • more confident about their future
  • Better able to contribute to community life
  • More connected to their local community
  • More confident to make their own decisions
  • In control of their financial situation
  • Safer and happier in the place that they live
  • Ready to take part in education, volunteering and work
  • Less reliant on crisis and specialist services
  • More in control of their health and what keeps them well

Whilst also reducing:

  • Visits to GP surgery and crisis services
  • Dependence on health and social services
  • Health inequalities
  • Safeguarding concerns around isolated people
  • Evictions and costs to housing
  • Harmful behaviours
  • Costly packages of care

Building on previous local and national evaluations, this report assesses the impact of LAC against the outcomes expected within the local Theory of Change. The approach taken also forms a baseline against which LAC in Derby can be assessed in the near future whilst identifying areas for further research and investigation for ongoing learning and continuous improvement.