Age UK London, Older Private Sector Tenants Programme

Age UK London's Older Private Sector Tenants Programme has looked into the experiences of older private-renters whilst highlighting key issues and providing important recommendations.

The problems of living in the private-rented sector have generally been perceived as only affecting the young, those waiting to get on the housing ladder, and increasingly, vulnerable families.

Meanwhile the plight of older private tenants has too long been overlooked. The issues facing vulnerable, older private tenants must be urgently addressed, so that the changes needed to improve their living conditions can be implemented.

Included alongside the charity's '“Living in Fear” Experiences of Older Private-Renters in London (opens new window)' research report that provides much-needed insight, as well as meaningful solutions in supporting older private tenants, are two guides discussing private renting for older people.

'Supporting the Needs of Older Private Tenants in London (opens new window)', gives useful information aimed at local organisations who might be new on unprepared in dealing with the combined issues of age and private renting.

The second guide, 'A Guide for Older People in Private-Rented Accommodation (opens new window)' is targeted towards older people with basic information about and signposts towards private renting.