Inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people

This report was published after an in-depth inquiry to understand the detrimental impact of poor housing on older people's physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The report contains 13 recommendations that look at the impact of poor quality, inaccessible housing on health, issues in supported housing and the private rented sector and the importance of home improvement agencies.

The Housing LIN submitted written evidence to the inquiry.

The inquiry looked to gain insight into the challenges older people face across housing tenures, an understanding of the connection between poor housing standards and public health concerns and produce recommendations on how to improve housing for older people.

Of the 13 recommendations some specifically focused on the importance of accessibility, the Disabled Facilities Grant and other forms of financial assistance plus the need for investment in home improvement agencies and handyperson services.

The report also recommends that housing is integrated with health and care strategies, as per the 2018 ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Improving Health and Care through the Home', to which the Housing LIN was a signatory.