Inclusive Engagement Toolkit

Inclusive Engagement Toolkit cover

Published by Community Consultation for Quality of Life (CCQOL), the Inclusive Engagement Toolkit is a handy resource that outlines the key steps and principles to enable and encourage equal access to opportunities and resources during consultation and engagement processes for planning.

The toolkit was created for Community Consultation for Quality of Life (CCQOL), which aims to improve the way consultation and engagement happens across the UK, and is for anyone interested in undertaking or participating in an inclusive engagement process.

Whilst this toolkit presents many universal and transferable principles, it displays guidance on face-to-face engagement instead of digital.

Community Consultation for Quality of Life (CCQOL) is a major research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to develop a new, map-based model of community consultation that takes place both online and face-to-face across the UK.

This toolkit is just one of a number of reports that will culminate in a Code of Conduct for Community Engagement (opens new window).