Implementing technology to help people live really good lives: What people want from technology enabled care

Implementing technology to help people live really good lives COVER

This research by Dr Sarah Alden, commissioned by the TEC Action Alliance, offers a fresh perspective on how people view and describe technology enabled care (TEC), the main functions they recognise, and the values and principles they demand from TEC, presenting a comprehensive exploration of public desires, expectations and views on technology-assisted care.

The study points to the need for a common ‘structure’ and language for TEC to improve awareness, help people to choose the right solution for them, and ensure their TEC works seamlessly with the other devices and systems they use. As technology enabled care continues to evolve, this study's insights aim to influence how we think about technology’s role in enhancing the everyday lives of individuals drawing on care and support.

The research is a blend of extensive literature review, stakeholder interviews and focus groups and builds upon previous recommendations from last year’s TEC Action Alliance ‘Challenge Paper’, aiming to contribute significantly to the subsequent ‘Action Paper’ released at ITEC Conference 2024. By highlighting what people genuinely seek from technology-assisted care, it aims to pave the way for developing more personalised, seamless and supported care models and technological solutions.