How to embed asset-based approaches in health and social care: integration across public and community sectors

Asset-based approaches report IMPACT COVER

Rather than focusing on the challenges people face in health and social care services, and how professionals and care services can address these challenges, an asset-based approach starts with what is important to the individual and explores the personal, family and community resources available to achieve their desired outcomes. This report from IMPACT provides insights from the IMPACTAgewell® Demonstrator project in Northern Ireland on how asset-based principles can be implemented and sustained.

Detailing the common elements of asset-based approaches, as well as figures showing the positive return on investment of the project, the summary report and lessons from Northern Ireland show the impact on older people at home and in communities, as well as in relation to hospital discharges.

The report finds four areas of focus to better connect older people with community resources: reflecting a community's diversity, professional engagement with an asset-based approach, how to share learning more widely and how to connect up community assets. Eleven key points of learning and recommendation for Northern Ireland, including implications for the Integrated Care System and concerning community transport, social prescribing and partnership with the voluntary sector are all outlined.