Housing policy and poor-quality homes


This report by CaCHE (Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence) for the Centre for Ageing Better's The Good Home Inquiry presents a series of recommendations on addressing housing quality in England and its impact on older people.

It highlights the need for a national strategy to prevent the further deterioration of England's housing stock and to put in place a series of policies needed to ensure people's homes are in good repair, energy efficient, and accessible.

The report highlights that an estimated ten million people in England are at risk because they live in a home which doesn't meet basic standards, with the majority of these homes posing a serious risk to their inhabitants' health or safety.

It calls for a co-ordinated national strategy to reinstate enforcement of housing standards, the development of local hubs to coordinate holistic home improvement and retrofit and long term national funding for locally delivered improvements to the quality of homes for the benefit of current and future generations.