Housing our Ageing Population: Positive Ideas (HAPPI 3) - Making retirement living a positive choice

Cover HAPPI 3

This volume in the influential HAPPI series for the APPG on Housing and Care for Older People calls on policymakers, house-builders and other stakeholders to address the concerns and issues that deter some people from moving to specialist housing. It says coordinated action is needed to give those approaching - or in - retirement greater confidence about the management and costs of a care-ready home that meets their present and future needs.

However, where previous HAPPI reports have focussed on - and led - the drive to improve the design and quality of specialist housing, HAPPI3 explores how older people can be given more control over the management and delivery of services and access to a wider range of housing choices. It recognises that some of the factors that can impede older people 'rightsizing' - such as emotional ties to a home or community - are difficult to overcome. However, it says that measures to make moving easier, to build specialist 'care ready' housing where people want it and to address the sector's lingering negative image will encourage more people to move while still fit and healthy.

Having taken evidence from a range of experts and stakeholders, it also calls on local authorities to recognise the social and economic benefits of right-sizing in their local plans and planning policies. House builders and lenders, the report says, should do more to support people looking to move to more appropriate housing by developing clear and transparent information around fees and other costs that offer greater choice and control.