Housing options information for older people in Greater Manchester

Housing options information for older people in Greater Manchester Cover

Published by the Greater Manchester Older people’s network, this report shares the findings and recommendations from research that was conducted to examine the housing options information for older people provided by each of the local authorities in Greater Manchester, with particular focus on older co-researchers’ experiences.

The research focused on three questions:

  • The process of getting through to a person who can provide housing options information and advice in the local authority, and focus on the use of websites to provide information
  • The type and quality of information and advice provided over the telephone
  • How the older co-researchers described the quality of the interaction they had over the phone

The findings show there is a gap between the rhetoric and the front-line experience of older people. Greater Manchester has an opportunity to lead the way on integrated provision of information and advice for people wishing to make well informed housing, care and financial decisions in later life.

The report also argues that there is a need to raise awareness among older people about the housing options and support that is available to them locally, and what information and advice should be provided for them.