Housing for people with a learning disability or autistic people

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Where people with a learning disability and autistic people live should be their choice. If they lack capacity, advocacy support may be needed to help clarify what is in the best interests of the person.

There is a great deal that local councils alongside partners can do to support people to achieve their goals. Where the person lives, who they live with, the design of their home and how they are supported (including in an environment that they are comfortable with) can have a significant impact on wellbeing and behaviour.

That’s why the Local Government Assoication have collected a range of resources (opens new window) to help councils transform the local housing offer for people with a learning disability or autistic people. 

These recourses include various case studies (opens new window), including 'Supporting people with learning disability to rent their own place'; a research project trying to understand the ways that people with learning disabilities who are on the ‘edges’ of social care can be better supported to access and enjoy living in their own tenancies in the community.