Housing and Mental Wellbeing: Learning Summit Report

Housing and Mental Wellbeing Learning Summit Report COVER

This report from the Care Provider Alliance and NHS England ICS Learning Summit sets out the benefits of involving housing partners within Integrated Care Systems (ICS) plans and outlines examples of effective partnership working across the country. It captures the key points from a Summit held in early February 2024. The Housing LIN’s Jeremy Porteus was a member of the panel.

The Summit found that housing partners bring capital, expertise and valuable data to support ICSs. Housing associations can also operate collaboratively, representing other housing providers’ offers and needs in discussions with Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) or Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs), and at an operational level (e.g. liaising with all local housing providers to plan support for people being discharged). And at a strategic level, ICSs could: develop a mental health and housing strategy; introduce a Memorandum of Understanding with housing partners; include housing leaders at strategic level; and take a place-based approach.

Slides from the Summit can be accessed here (opens new window).